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Montorio’s autodrome: referendum wins yes with the 61,4%

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MONTORIO AL VOMANO. The racetrack of the Gran Sasso in San Mauro of Montorio al Vomano, will. This was decided over the 61 (61.43 %) per cent of voters …

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Two companies for the track “So create the pole of the car”


MONTORIO. The autodromo may give rise to Montorio a tecnopolo automotive. It is the idea launched by companies Mpe and Mirage Motor Company of Montorio, that deal respectively of designing …

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Success for the MPE in the Motorsport Expotech 2013




At the event Motorsport Expotech 2013, MPE Srl has got a positive response on several fronts: for the project Mirage F. Monza, of which the MPE srl is the leader, was presented the M013 premiered at specialized public visitors. The M013 also has warmed the engine during the test-drive on the Modena’s autodrome.
The stand MPE has also hosted the electric version of the car: the Mirage Electric Power, environmentally friendly project that is gaining a lot of attention and interest.
The electric motor Mirage, combined with the homologated carbon shell FIA F3 2011, is three-phase brushless synchronous type with permanent magnet, liquid cooled, with maximum power of 120 kW. The functional and technical specifications of the project Mirage Electric Power perfectly meet the call for expressions of interest by the ACI–CSAI, for the realization and the management of a series of innovative and environmentally competition cars.
On January 31 it was held within the conference officers Modenafiere, the conference “Principles and applications of composite materials in Motorsport” by the MPE, which were addressed specific issues related to composite materials in motorsport and automotive world.


The MPE in the team work of F. Monza Electric

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The MPE Srl is present in the team work that has been built to continue the project already started in 2011 with the Formula Monza M012 powered Renault 1,600 cc.
The team, which also includes SIAS Autodromo Nazionale Monza div. MRI, FOR PEACE RESEARCH Interuniversity Consortium Regional Pugliese, MIRAGE, VEB, Picchio, RS&TA, has as its objective the analysis of the feasibility for the realization of the version F. Monza “E” Electric Power with functional and technical specifications aligned to the recent announcement by the FIA, initiating the world championship of Formula Electric for the 2014.
The technical content of reference of the analysis are as follows: synchronous electric motor “brushless” three-phase permanent magnets with a peak power of 120 kWh, lithium batteries, high-performance with a capacity of 20 kWh, cash removable batteries in carbon, with rapid replacement of the battery pack, regeneration function (the electric motor acts as a generator in phase of the release and braking, by converting excess energy into electrical energy with increase of autonomy).
The MPE Srl has been confirmed as company on the leading edge of technology and in the search for solutions with low environmental impact into the world of racing.


Mirage Formula Monza


Discover the MIRAGE M012, the car of the Championship Formula Monza 2012 with monocoque frame entirely in carbon, approved F3 FIA 2011, developed and produced by MPE Srl.
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