About us



The MPE Srl was born by the knowledge and skills of the ing. Marco Pistillo which, after having held roles of responsibility in companies such as Aprilia ( 1997 1999), Ferrari ( 1999-2003) and Piaggio ( 2003 -2006) and after have dealt with the direction of the ATR Group ( 2006 2010), has decided to engage directly in the field of engineering services, project supervisoring and production of composite material components for the automotive and racing.

Initially through the study of engineering MPE with headquarters in Milan, Via Giusti 14, and today with the Company MPE Srl with its headquarters located in Teramo, Via Brandimarte 5, relations have been created and tested lasting with the main Italian and foreign companies in the field of composites, thanks to which performs numerous projects commissioned by the most prestigious brands in the world of racing and automotive.

In addition, the MPE Srl also performs the task of development projects and marketing for the Italian market for GURIT Automotive, a leading company in the production of bodies in composite high productivity.



OUR MISSION can be synthesized in the determination of the direction to consolidate its image, and further expand its presence, which is now already firmly inserted in the national context, to be considered as the company of reference in Italy for the production of artifacts made of composite materials in fiber high strength with resin matrix; machining, assembly of components in composite with structural gluing, production construction and marketing of cars naval ships and aeroplane; without neglecting the commitment to customers, employees and other stakeholders of the compliance with the applicable regulations.
MPE S. r.l. in the conduct of all activities in the life of the company ensures the respect for the safety of workers, the protection of the environment, and ensures a dignified treatment of all people employed in the business.
The Direction is intended to fulfill the company mission through:

  • The guarantee of a oriented approach to the prevention of problems and disruptions and continuous improvement;
  • to consider the quality as a crucial element for the improvement of the services offered to customers;
  • The adaptation of the company on customer needs;
  • The guarantee of the full satisfaction of contractual requirements defined with the client;
  • The development of the attention and the spirit of collaboration of all of the staff toward aspects of quality of service delivered;
  • The organization of its activities by following exact methodologies;
  • Accurate control of the design and production phases and the optimal use of existing resources;
  • The pursuit of constant innovation of the know-how and its organization, in order to make their own projects, methods and experiences;
  • The continuous attention to the satisfaction of the customer with timely detection of his liking.
  • The professional growth of staff within the company in terms of development of skills that can contribute increasingly to the quality of services provided;
  • The pursuit of continuous improvement of its management system to achieve levels of efficiency always higher.
  • Attention to the environment as collective good and primary interest of the company
  • Maximum attention to the health and safety of its employees by ensuring a timely application of reference standards and the development of activities and procedures to ensure that over time increasingly higher levels of security.

The organization is aware that the goal of the quality assurance requires a constant effort on the part of all the staff is that it can be successfully achieved only through a systematic approach to issues of quality.
These commitments are pursued by following principles:

  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: it is the pivot on which it is based the management system adopted. It is promoted through the attention and respect of the clients’ expectations in all of the processes in which breaks down the organization.
  • INVOLVEMENT OF RESOURCES: people, at any level, are the essence of the organization and only the involvement and awareness of their active role in the processes of the organization allows that their skills are put at the service of common objectives, to pursue the continuous improvement of performance.
  • MANAGEMENT FOR DATA: in the awareness that “Measure is the key. If you do not measure, it cannot be kept under control. If you are not checking, it cannot handle. If you don’t manage, you cannot improve”, promotes within the organization a methodological approach focused on systematic collection of data and their timely analysis.

The management is committed to ensuring that the quality policy is:

  • SHARED, through appropriate meetings of training/information and posting of the same in the premises of the organization and by posting on your site.
  • APPLIED and monitored by periodic internal audits on the quality.
  • SUPPORTED by the verification of the commitment and the tips of the staff faces to its implementation.
  • PUBLISHED OUTSIDE informing all beneficiaries of the services provided and spreading it through your internet site.